About Me

Hi! I'm Melissa and I've created this blog as a place where I can share what's happening in my life, post photos (including my latest scrapbooking pages), and ramble about books I'm reading, stuff I'm organizing, and fun classes I'm taking.

I live and scrap in the great state of Texas. I am married to a wonderful man who totally supports my scrapbooking addiction and often surprises me with new items for my stash. We both enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, spending time with our nieces and nephews, and relishing the life God has given us.

I began scrapping in elementary school, putting memorabilia in the scrapbook my Mama started when I was born. However, 2010 was a revolutionary year for me in scrapbooking as I converted my photo processing and storage methods to Stacy Julian's Library of Memories system. I began participating in online classes, using a digital workflow plan, started sharing my photos, stories & layouts on this blog, and changed from chronological to inspirational scrapbooking . . . all the while having lots of fun with this great hobby. I am so glad to have a hobby that allows me to preserve our memories in a way that is also an outlet for my creativity.

I am an avid reader and am typically reading four or five books at a time. I am a teacher by passion and by training (I’ve taught everything from middle school technology classes to university level business courses, from Children’s Church to the Young-at-Heart Sunday School), and I truly enjoy helping others learn. I am also known for being very organized (I often joke that I was born organized). And when I follow Grandma's recipe and remember her advice to "cook it until it's done," I make a delicious pecan pie.

I'm so glad you've stopped by my blog and hope you'll be inspired to scrap or photograph or read or cook or organize something today, all the while enjoying the little things that make life worthwhile!

Disclosure: I participate in the Amazon Associates affiliate program. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking an Amazon link from my blog, I will earn a small percentage of the purchase price. You pay the same price whether you link from my blog or go directly to the Amazon site. My book reviews and product recommendations are my own true opinions and are in no way influenced by this program.