Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Desires of My Heart

The first time a pastor quoted Psalm 37:4 to me, my thoughts went something like this . . . "right, it's easy for you to quote that scripture because everything's ok in your life, you don't have to worry about things like I do right now, you haven't been divorced, you're not living all alone wondering how you reached this place, you're not fighting depression and feeling insecure, you haven't lost your friends and don't have your church family judging your actions, you have no idea what you're talking about!"

Of course, I'd been taught to respect my elders and always use my Southern manners, so my actual spoken response was more like this . . . "Yes, ma'am. Thank you for sharing that. I'll just keep praying and believing God for all things."

I made a mental note that if somehow I ever found myself in a comfortable place again, where life was going along smoothly and my needs were met and I didn't have to worry so much, that I would never quote that scripture to anyone in a place of desperation seeking comfort and advice! Of course, I've shared this story many times in the ensuing 17 years, along with the story of how God never failed me, never left me, and did in fact give me the desires of my heart.

You see, the deepest desires of my heart were to find security, to have connection, and to be loved. I had been seeking those things from relationships with others, from money, from activities, and from material possessions. In reality, only the Lord could fill those needs. Once I surrendered to Him and quit trying to control everything on my own, I found security and connection in His unfathomable love for me. Then, He blessed me beyond my wildest imagination!

I recently used a Clear Scraps Acrylic & Chipboard round frame to create a mixed media home decor piece using a variety of patterned papers and embellishments to highlight this scripture. I'm excited to hang this piece in my craft room where it will remind me that the Word of God never fails and life truly is delightful when we live surrendered to Him. He alone can fill the deepest desires of our hearts!

 (If you'd like to create your own Delightful Scripture Frame, I created kits
that are being sold exclusively by Personal Scrapbook in Allen, Texas.)

Have you ever silently resented someone who quoted scripture to you during a difficult time? Please share what you learned from that experience in the comments.