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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Build It

It's Day 2 of The 20 Project class, and Shimelle challenged us to try a different title technique. For example, she normally uses large Thickers and small letter stickers for titles, so today she created a watercolor title.

Along with scrapbooking this month, I'm working on processing my digital photos from this year. I'll be uploading a batch of photos to Shutterfly for printing, however I'm choosing some shots to print at home as I use the class INSPIRATION to create layouts. Today I printed six 3x4 photos of the shelves we built and installed earlier this year.

I used a couple of tags as a journaling block and finished them off with jute and twine.

Since I typically use letter stickers for my titles, I used chipboard letters on today's layout . . . although it's not a huge difference, I did have to add the adhesive myself. (LOL)

When you need another shelf, do you build it or buy it?


Karen said...

Haven't built shelves in years, but honestly, I think we'd probably buy them at this point. However, I'm also pretty sure we have enough shelves to house everything we need. (Although I can imagine replacing those in my studio some day.) You two do great work! And the layout's perfect!

Barbara Eads said...

Your title looks perfect---just like concrete!

Sian said...

I think those letters are such a great choice..they really echo the vertical lines of the shelves. I'm still sorry about all the lovely built in shelves we left at our old house ten years ago! We need a lot more shelves here and we are saving for more built ins

Missus Wookie said...

We build - but then we have quite a selection of basic wooden shelves/uprights from IKEA to work with too. So even those we buy we often adapt in some way.

Those are a lot of binders!