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Sunday, September 8, 2013

LSNED: 4th - 6th

I'm using 12x12 divided page protectors for my LSNED lessons this year, with two 4x6 sections for each day - one for the lesson that I'm adding to my pre-made journal cards & one for a photo. I am reading Shimelle's prompts each day, however I'm using those more as a reminder to be aware of what I'm learning (or remembering) throughout the day rather than using the prompt idea itself. Here's what I learned on the fourth, fifth, and sixth.

Wednesday I attended the library book club meeting where we discussed Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. (See my review of the book here.) A cruise to Antarctica is a huge part of the story line in this book, and one of the librarians shared some slides and information about Antarctica as part of the meeting. I learned that the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is at the geographic south pole, that there have been three structures constructed at that site, and the ceremonial South Pole is there. I did not think to snap a photo during the meeting, so I found a photo of the ceremonial South Pole on Wikipedia to include on my LSNED page.

Thursday I worked on preparations for the Bible study I'll begin leading these week and learned that the My Heart - Christ's Home pamphlet (& Bible study & children's book) was based on a sermon Robert Boyd Munger first shared at First Presbyterian Church - Berkeley in 1947. I'm sure I've read that information before but it struck a chord with me this time as I'll be leading the study at a First Presbyterian Church (although it's 1700+ miles from Berkeley!).

I spent the day Friday moving the bookshelves (& all the books) in our front room from one wall to another as I'm re-arranging and re-decorating here at home. The bookshelves had sunk into the carpeting and were a little difficult to move, which made me contemplate how when something (or someone) has been in the same spot for a long time, it may take some extra effort to move it and get it unstuck from that spot (or situation).

The divided page protector I used for these lessons has portrait orientation sections, so I put the journal box and photo for each day in one column.
As always with this project, I'm amazed at the lessons I learn each day when I'm actually making the effort to be more aware of them!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Interesting lessons! I'm posting a few of mine over the next few days. I really like your layout.

Karen said...

You do such a great job with these lessons!

Missus Wookie said...

Thank you for sharing - fun to see how you're putting the being aware to work in your every day life.