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Friday, September 9, 2011

LOAD Day 9

I am truly enjoying seeing the LOAD and LSNED prompts in my inbox each morning. Some days I've sat and read through them carefully, drawing inspiration for a layout. Other days I've scanned them or saved them to review when I have more time. While I may not be following the prompts, I am endeavouring to create a layout each day and to be aware of the lessons I learn.

My layout for today is another 2-page addition to our 8x8 DIY Projects & Crafts mini-album.

 Here's a closer look at the journaling box.

My lesson today is that I really enjoy having a fun way to track my goals for the month. I have my September 2011 Goals layout displayed on an easel on my desk and each day I am checking off my accomplishments. Here's what it looks like so far.

While it's not perfect, I am very pleased with my progress through this first third of September. I've taken time for Quiet Time each day, exercised 6 out of 8 days (& may still get in a session today), had one coke four days (and zero the other days!), and created at least one layout each day except one. In fact, I've actually created a total of 11 layouts over the past nine days, so I've decided not to try to go back and create a layout for Day 7. The goal in the LOAD workshop is 26 layouts in 26 days, however I'll be pleased if I create 26 layouts for the 30 days of this month.

In the midst of all this creativity, we have started a renovation project on our master bathroom. The contractors started on the job Tuesday which will result in new tile for the shower and floor. Since we moved in this house, I've wanted to get rid of the black tile, and a recent leak in the shower pushed the job up to the top of the list. Here's what I'm looking at this afternoon.

How are you doing on your goals for this month? Are you keeping up with LOAD and LSNED?


Ellyn said...

The tile is beautiful! Would you please send them to my house with the leftovers?

Amy said...

Meliisa I really admire your goal setting ability! Good luck with the bathroom renovation - I understand how inconvenient it can be!

Tammy said...

Ah, I was this close to starting bathroom renovations too....then I got laid off. Never happened. I'm still sad. Hope it turns out just the way you want! :)

Sewjoe said...

Love the color of the tile! Waiting on a remodel...two in college puts a hold on any thing new. My time has not been my own lately. I hope that changes real soon. No matter what, I walk every M-F so exercise is not a problem. This is actually my therapy time where my neighbor and I solve all the worlds issues. Good luck keeping up with your goals! You are off to a fabulous start!!

S said...

Oh there's the pictures I wanted to make sure you were taking. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well with your renovation.