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Sunday, September 4, 2011

LOAD Day 4

Sundays in The Mother LOAD workshop are all about simplicity. This week Lain encouraged us to think about what we "must" have on a layout to make it feel complete. I like a variety of scrapbooking styles ranging from over-the-top to very simple. A layout doesn't have to have a lot of product or a ton of photos to make it complete. Another factor in simple scrapping, for me, is scraplifting - one of my favorite ways to create! So, for today's layout I scraplifted the style of Lain's sample layout and came up with a reminder that I now have attached to the front of the refrigerator. (The two little Russian figures at the top are the magnets holding it in place.)

Journaling reads: My goal is to eat healthy in order to be healthy. Having healthy nutritious food on hand and easily accessible is a very important part of being successful. I need to choose fresh fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks every day!

This important lesson is one that I know but need to be reminded of on those days when I want to reach for a quick snack. Shimelle stresses in the LSNED class that some lessons will not be new to us, the main thing is to be aware of and pay attention to the lesson, therefore I have this layout in a prominent spot in the kitchen to keep this lesson in the forefront of my mind.

Here's another layout that I created late yesterday. I was scrolling through the gallery in The Mother LOAD workshop and was inspired by a cute layout using a photo strip. I didn't have a photo strip, but I knew the perfect photo to use for a similar layout. (Thanks Cyn Vilela for the inspiration!)

Both of the layouts I've shared today are 8 1/2 x 11 rather than my usual 12x12. I enjoyed the different size since it's been a while since I've created anything other than 12x12. Do you change up the size of your layouts on occasion?


Sian said...

Yes, sometimes I do and then I file them all away in the same album. I like the mix of sizes in one. Gosh, you are so organised that you are even pulling together two classes which are sparking off each other. I love it

MonicaB said...

I never use to change. Everything was 12x12 but when I took on of Ali's classes I started seeing the beauty in changing it up. So now I will mix it up but I'm still 90% 12x12. I'm in awe of your work - I'm a LOAD flunky. Haven't done one page yet.

Alison said...

Two great pages Melissa...I tend to work on 12x12, though sometimes 8x8
Alison xx