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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Permission to Live a Creative Life

Permission to Live a Creative Life is the title of a self-paced class at Big Picture Classes. The class was designed by Courtney Walsh to encourage us to give ourselves permission to take time to create. I actually purchased this class early last summer and started the mini-album project for the class. I completed eight pages of the mini-album over the summer, then packed those pages away with the coordinating supplies I had pulled from my stash in a Project File.

You  may recall that one of my Scrapbooking Goals for this year is to re-work or complete the online classes I enrolled in last year and another goal was to complete several mini-albums that I had in progress (one of those being the Permission to Live a Creative Life album!). So, this week I pulled out my Project File and set to work completing the 12-page album.

The course is designed to alleviate the guilt many people feel when they take time away from the "important" things in life to be creative. I have to confess that I don't really feel guilty when I take time to scrapbook or make cards or be creative. I do occassionally remind myself that there are other things that need to be done, like laundry or preparing meals or cleaning house. However, I have a pretty good schedule for keeping up with all those necessary things and typically can find time to be creative several times a week. Thus, my focus in the mini-album journaling is more about affirming the fact that I am creative!

I have always joked (and believed) that I am the least creative person in my family. Seriously, I was always the smart, pretty one in the family (oh, and humble, too! LOL). So, my mini-album is somewhat of a confirmation that I, too, am creative.

Completed Album
12 pages of mini-album
I really enjoyed creating this 6"x10" album which will be on display in my craft room as a reminder to me that I AM CREATIVE!


mcscraps5 said...

I love the colors on this. I need to do mine. I've got several classes at BPC that I'm taken, or have taken, but not completed. So I guess I need to get a move on too finish some up.
Do you have your pages posted individually somewhere so that I might get a better peek?

alexa said...

The sheer variety of those pages is a visible witness to your creativity! Well done on keeping up with one of your aims this year ...

cate said...

love the colours you have used for your album! I haven't started mine yet, it's on the cards to start when LOAD is over.

Karen said...

I hadn't realized how closely aligned our goals for this year are! I love this album, and would never have thought that you'd question your creativity!

Cheri said...

LOVE the color scheme. And just for future (very future) reference - would you recommend this class for someone who does find it difficult to carve out creative time? Is it really helpful?

Sian said...

Funny how families assign roles or characteristics to each other like that, isn't it? Seems to me you are a very creative person (and those other things as well lol)