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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Robbie's Birthday Weekend Highlights

Last week and  this past weekend we celebrated Robbie's birthday. Here are some of the highlights. 

The Birthday Boy with a few of his pre-birthday gifts.
Friday morning showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

The Birthday Boy with all his new loot. Notice his new Xyron machine! He is a collector of old toys, models, puzzles, and trading cards. He will often make his own trading cards and was regularly borrowing my Xyron machine, so I thought the 2 1/2" model would be perfect for him!

Lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy at Northpark Mall. Rather than the entire gang of waiters loudly singing Happy Birthday, one of the older servers at Maggiano's came over when the birthday dessert was delivered and asked if he could sing Happy Birthday to Robbie in Italian. He sang first in Italian and then in English in a beautiful bass voice - very nice.

Christmas decorations were on display at Northpark Mall.

The Moscow Ballet performing The Russian Nutcracker at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas.

The patio at Dakota's in downtown Dallas where we enjoyed Robbie's birthday dinner.

Before the waitress deliver Robbie's birthday dessert, she asked the pianist to play Happy Birthday. So while she was delivering the dessert and lighting the candle, Happy Birthday was played over the patio speakers - very classy.


Becky said...

You both look so good! Robbie looks like he has dropped some pounds and you do to!

Dakotas looks really pretty! Sounds like you enjoyed a great birthday weekend!

Love you two!!!

Becky & Don

Rachel B said...

Looks like a lovely weekend, happy birthday Robbie :)

Sian said...

Happy Birthday Robbie! I like the sound of pre-birthday gifts..