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Friday, October 8, 2010

Healthy Living Weekly Post: My Healthy Living Notebook

This purple one-inch three ring binder is my Healthy Living Notebook. I picked this particular binder simply because it was available, something I had laying around the house that wasn't currently being used. I thought it didn't really go with my "healthy living" theme and that I might eventually purchase something different, however I love having this binder from SFA (Stephen F. Austin State University) because it reminds me of a goal that I accomplished - acquiring my master's degree. If I can accomplish a huge goal like that, then surely I can accomplish my goal of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Inside the binder are several tabs: Motivation, Aerobics, Flexibility/Stretching, Stability, Strength Training, Toning, Fun & Adventure, and Sports.

When I read a magazine article or internet post that motivates me to continue my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, I clip or print it and put it in the book behind the motivation tab. The exercise tabs have directions for various exercises, most of which I copied from the two books I mentioned in last week's post: Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson Ph.D. and The Good Life by Ruth McGinnis. I've also added in exercises that I've clipped from magazines and a printout from Lisa Cohen's Wellness Journey workshop at BPC. Here's a peek behind a few of the tabs.

Behind the Aerobics Tab

Behind the Strength Training Tab

Behind the Fun & Adventure Tab

Behind the Strength Training Tab

After the tabs I have a set of page protectors that hold my printouts from the Wellness Journey Workshop, one for each week. I printed Lisa's audio message transcript and the handout for the week and slipped them into these page protectors.

I also have a few scrappy pages that I created during the Wellness Journey Workshop, like this page with The Wellness Pledge.

I love having this book available to thumb through when I need a little motivation or want to try new exercises or activities. How about you, how do you keep yourself motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

I've done really well keeping up with my exercise this week and started tracking everything I eat or drink this past Monday. Look for an update on my October goals next week!


humel said...

Wow, I'm really impressed by your organisation skills - and your motivation! The folder is beautiful :-)

I get motivated whenever my habits start to slip back and I start to notice the effects - less energy, etc - that helps me get started with it again.

Cheri said...

Melissa - I LOVE this idea! I did Lisa's Wellness Journey class back in the Spring of '09 and made a cute little 6x6 album. But it really doesn't work for holding much information. So I'm scraplifting the idea!

My tabs will be a bit different than yours - I'm including tabs for food charts and exercise charts that I'll print off MFP as I complete the log-ins and a tab for Physical Therapy and other things particular to my situation. This will work so much better than the random pieces of paper I have laying around right now! Will also make it easier for me to take to physical therapy and personal training sessions!

I see you are now tracking food - did you join MFP? If so, I'd love to friend you there and follow your progress!