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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quilt Hanging

I love quilts! In fact, the color scheme of every bedroom in our home was picked based on the quilt on the bed - all of which Mama made. We have lap quilts on our chairs in the living room (made by my older sister) and a quilt in the car that we use for spontaneous picnics (made by my maternal grandmother and repaired last year by my sister) and even a couple of quilts we use as home decor.

I have a beautiful yellow quilt that my older sister made for me over ten years ago. I've had it hanging somewhere in each of my homes since then, always in a little bow-shaped quilt holder. I really enjoy having this quilt displayed, however I've always felt like this quilt holder did not really do justice to the quilt itself and have dreamed of fully displaying it. Of course, since this quilt will fit a full size bed, it would take up a large amount of wall space.

Fortunately, our home now has very high ceilings in the front room and I found the perfect wall space in the foyer. So, after three years here in our home, this week I finally picked up a rod and hooks, Robbie hauled out the 8-foot ladder which allowed him to just reach the ceiling, and we got the quilt hung up.

I can't believe I didn't do this a few years ago when the idea first occurred to me. I absolutely love the way it looks and am enjoying being able to see each of the quilt blocks. My favorite, of course, is the center square which has a small book in the center with a little worm on top - a bookworm my sister placed there in honor of my love of reading.

(Now I'm thinking I may need to change out that light fixture in the foyer so it doesn't obscure the view of the quilt!)

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Love the new quilt display - it really shows off a beautiful quilt! Funny how one change often leads to another... and another!