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Friday, May 28, 2010

First Time to Re-Do a Layout

One of my most basic scrapbooking philosophies is that I never re-do a layout. I figure that if one day I get all my photos scrapped and have recorded all the memories I want to preserve, then I will go back and re-do any layouts I don't like. Obviously, that day will never come as we continue to make new memories each day and take hundreds (if not thousands) of new photos each year.

However, the layout I recently created for Robbie's 44th birthday just kept haunting me. I really didn't like it! I had tried to use paint on the layout since it was a challenge in one of the online scrapbooking workshops I'm taking, but I just didn't like the look of it. I also didn't like the title frame I had used - I wanted the page to have a "fun" feel since we spent the evening playing arcade games. Here's the original layout:

When I complete a layout, I display it on our bulletin board for a while, then it moves to my "What's New" album until it is finally moved to its permanent home in one of my Library of Memories albums. This layout made it through the bulletin board display, but when it came time to put it in the "What's New" album, I knew I had to re-do it. So, I just basically cut out the photos and started over - here's the new layout:

I realize there's not a whole lot of different between the two, but I like this layout quite a bit better - and I now feel like I've honored Robbie's birthday memory in a layout that won't make me cringe each time I flip through my "Days We Celebrate" album.

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Becky Cameron said...

It is always good to change things!!! I like your yellow flowers; they remind me of you!